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KB's personal commentary

The key to success in trading is finding a method that you can understand that will allow you to anticipate and read the behavior of the market. With such a method, you can learn when risk to reward is favorable and when to be on offense or defense.

6/29/10 Clearly index averages and the market has been under pressure recently, as expected. Technically market force is moving out of stocks. Bearish ETF's continue to prove the most profitable.

4/14/10 While we certainly have seen momentum carry prices higher, the charts have revealed, as before, that selling into this top carries away the strongest hands and most of the money. Bearish ETF's purchased through discount brokers will prove the best investment next to GOLD which was recommended loudly and often by this blogger since 2003.

1/23/10 The market continues to unfold as previously described. Average gains off their bottom(market top) bearish ETF's have been up 15 to 33 %, made in one week! Even bigger gains lie ahead.

11/21/09 As we've seen there will be false rallies to blind and confuse investors. I recommend ignoring these misleading signals. Take a buy the dips approach, not for the general market but to accumulate bearish ETF's on the dips. These will push substantially higher as the market reverses its' gains and goes lower. Examples of the kind of buying I suggest you look at include TZA, SPXU, SDS, DXD and others that go up when the market declines.

10/1/09 Currently bearish action continues as momentum builds downward. As previously stated, the dollar is in bounce mode but will fall much further later. International markets weaken as well. ETF like FXP and EEV appreciate under these conditions.

8/11/09 With support from an advancing US dollar assets including stocks, commodities, oil, and gold should pull back in this correction. Bearish ETF plays TWM, DXD, TZA, etc. will gain under these conditions.

6/21/09 After a stunning rally the market has finished a large ABC up, consolidated and is set up to correct. Current plays move back to bearish ETF's such as TZA, BGZ, DXD, SDS.

4/2/09 We have a confirmed ABC up in the market. Any corrections provide buying opportunities. Some ideas to consider here are TNA, HON, SSO, BGU, FAS.

3/18/009 Market rally has provided extraordinary short term gains, however even larger returns lie ahead. Begin profit taking for the re-buy on rally corrections.

3/10/09 The market has given signs we are in RALLY mode for the near term and maybe longer. All long plays can be bought or added to here with each pullback.

3/3/09 Certainly a difficult environment, however tremendous opportunity usually arises from such oversold conditions. All long plays offer excellent entry at this time.

2/12/09 Short squeeze rally anticipated, protect bear plays with stops at this time. Currently XLF, FAS, SSO, SPY, TNA in play for short term trade.

2/4/09 Stops were all hit, trade now turns Bearish for the near term. DXD, TZA, TWM, SDS, FAZ, BGZ are in play. Economic conditions and job losses weigh heavily on the markets. Bottom retests may be in store.

1/27/09 As this market fails to move up with sufficient volume the current outlook has come under pressure. Stops should placed and honored at this time.


Monday, September 1, 2008

FDR Memorial Washington, DC

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KJBotticelli said...

FDR was right for our country.

KJBotticelli said...

Click the picture to read the memorial caption.

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